Benefits of a Downtown Park

kids-on-ducksThink of any truly great city that you’ve ever been to. Chances are these cities have walkable urban districts with fantastic open public spaces. That is because great cities have great downtowns, and great downtowns have great urban parks. Significant research shows that urban parks have direct benefits on community revitalization, civic engagement, safer neighborhoods, green infrastructure, helping children learn, improving public health and wellness, stimulating arts and cultural programs, and reducing our carbon footprint.

communityDowntown parks improve fitness options and the natural environment and act as a tremendous economic generator for the whole city. New businesses pop up, property values and municipal revenues increase, and world-class events take place. Vibrant urban districts attract and retain young, educated professionals, and also office users.

We invite you to learn more about the benefits of successful downtown parks from any of the following independent non-profit organizations:


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